We are proud to be the Latin America Distributor for the #1 Back Shaver in the World.

With it’s unique design and patented technology, BakBlade 2.0 helps men with shaving their back and body.  The ultimate manscaping.

The baKblade is extremely easy to use. The unique patented blade cartridges leave a smooth shave and are designed to minimize the risk of cutting. They feel just like a backscratcher.

For millions of men around the world, unwanted back hair is an uncomfortable reality. The baKblade® makes the hair removal process quick, easy, pain-free, and affordable. You got enough to worry about, let baKblade® care for your back. However, we will warn you. You may experience frustration for only finding out about us now and not sooner.

Isn’t it about time you put the “man” back in manscaping?

Our original patented dryGlide® shaving blades are specifically designed to shave body hair which in most areas tends to be less coarse than typically found with facial hair. That being said, the baKblade® technology is designed to control razor flexibility in a manner that allows a lighter and less rigid friction between razor and skin surface. Our new baKblade 2.0 blades include patent pending technology that takes the shaving experience to a whole new level.

The baKblade leaves no stubble behind. And with two rows of our improved 2.0 cartridge blades that you’ll find last for quite some time. If you need change blades, slide them out and slide the new ones in.

And best of all the baKblade can be used both wet or dry.







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September 18, 2017